Cold Rolled Coil/Sheet
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CRC.JPGCold rolled coil known as 'white steel' is a type of steel product manufactured from the cold rolling process. These 'white steels' have significantly different types of characteristic compared to the 'black steels' or hot rolled coils. Cold rolled coils have better surface quality, thinner and with more precise size, and also have good mechanical property and excellent formability.

Steel in this category is generally used in the formation process of for this material has better formability, weldability, and roughness quality. These white steels are also used for applications in the galvanizing (zinc-coating) and enamelware (porcelain-coating) industry, and are used as basic material for making tin millblackplate food cans in the food and beverage industry. For annealed sheet, the
thickness range of the company manufactured white steel is 0.20 to 3.00 mm, whilefor unannealed sheet (in the form of coil) the maximum thickness is 2.00 mm.

Krakatau Steel has vacuum degasser and ladle metallurgy facilities to produce steels with specific quality, such as very low-carbon steel and Interstitial Free Steel (IF Steel), suitable to produce products with extra deep drawing quality. In order to meet the needs of cold rolled coil with high quality formability and surface, Krakatau Steel uses a special batch annealing furnace facility with pure-hydrogen atmosphere.

Cold rolled coil applications manufactured by Krakatau Steel, among others are as follows:
● General Purpose
● Automotive
● Galvanized Sheet
● Pipes and Tubes
● Porcelain Enamelware
● Tin Mill Black Plate