Hot Rolled Coil/Plate

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HotHot rolled in the form of coil and plate is a type of steel product produced from hot rolling process. Plants and users of this type of steel normally call this product 'black steel' to differentiate it from the cold rolled commonly known as 'white steel'.

Krakatau Steel also produces carbon plain steel and micro-alloyed steel which can be used for various purposes, from common or commercial quality to specific quality, such as steel framework structure, motor vehicle components and frameworks, piles, heavy equipment components, common fabrication, common pipes and tubes, pipes and tubes for pipe and casing line, gas tubes, weather corrosion proof steels, pressured containers, boilers, and ship constructions.

Hot rolled plate's thickness ranges from 1.80 to 25 mm; while the width ranges from 600 to 2060 mm. Hot rolled product can be provided in the form of coils and plates. The condition can be in the form of coil or product through pickling and oiling process (hot rolled coil-pickled oiled or HRC-PO).

Krakatau Steel is capable to produce high-quality hot rolled coils for specific purposes because it has operated a thermomechanic control and desulphurization process using ladle furnace. The use of hot rolled coil includes applications as listed below:


Hot Rolled Coil
  • General Construction and Welding
  • Pipes and Tubes
  • Automotive Components and Frameworks
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline
  • Oilwell Pipe Cases & Tubes
  • Gas Tubes
  • Weather Corrosion Proof Steels
  • Rerolling
  • Ship Constructions
  • Boiler & Pressurized Container